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Apple Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits


Most everyone has heard the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But what exactly is it about this seemingly magical fruit that causes doctors and health experts from all around the world to advertise the health benefits of apples? Is it due solely to the high levels of nutritional content in apples?

Researchers are beginning to gain a better understanding of the vitamins found in apples, as well as the highly beneficial characteristics of the numerous compounds found in this fruit.

Knowing why apples are good for you and your family will further encourage you to pursue them as a vital part of your family’s diet. 

Nutritional Value of Apples 

Apples contain over 200 nutrients in trace amounts and in larger amounts including potassium, which aids in the water balance of the body and for good muscle function. This fruit is also a good source of many vitamins – especially vitamin C. Actually, eating 100 grams of apple everyday gets you about 1,500 milligrams worth of anti-oxidant properties. Apples contain 8-14% natural fruit sugar called fructose. It is a simple sugar and it’s what gives the apple its sweetness. Though simple, and unlike most other simple sugars, the sugar of an apple is broken down slowly over time. This, when combined with the fiber of the apples, helps the blood sugar levels remain stable and it is what ends up being converted to natural energy for the body. 

Apples are one of the richest sources of flavonoids helping in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Eating the skin of the apple ensures healthy doses of flavonoids called quercetin (boost memory) and phlorizin (helps in the prevention of bone loss during menopause). 

Another benefit of apples is their high levels of pectin – translating to a good source of fiber which is highly beneficial to the colon. 

Apples offer fairly amazing health benefits.  

As it turns out, that “apple a day” will boost your health by keeping you lean, by making you stronger and by slowing aging. 

The apple can serve as a centerpiece of a weight control regimen. That’s right, eating apples can be a powerful cornerstone in helping conquer obesity! By eating an apple a day, it will help you lose weight and maintain weight loss. Although the apple theoretically adds about 100 calories per day to your diet, in practice it will prevent your intake of far more calories. There are many varieties of apples and you should try different ones to find out which one you like best. Remember to choose organic whenever possible.   

New studies show that the ursolic acid in the apple peel helps prevent muscle atrophy. Loss of muscle causes disability and loss of mobility in old age.  Strong elders function a much higher levels. The presence of muscles serve as calorie furnaces to help burn energy from fat around the clock. In addition, muscles provide the personal mobility for walking, jogging or other activities that so burn calories and promote vitality. 

To get the most goodness out of apples you need to eat them with the skin on, therefore you should invest in organic apples. Apples are waxed to give them that shiny look and the wax traps the pesticides. Apples have very high pesticides residue compared to other fruits such as banana’s and oranges. Usually it is best to peel the apple, yet by doing this you are missing out on vitamins and fiber. By peeling an apple you don’t get rid of the pesticides residue, and you only reduce it a little as pesticides can penetrate the skin. 

All apples should be washed before being eaten. Buying organic apples free of pesticides may be money well spent. Apple seeds are mildly poisonous so make sure you core the apple before eating it.


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